Ya’ll, overall I’m a very social introvert. I love being home, playing with my dogs (Cookie Ray Hay & Vader), fussing over my husband, being creative, but I also enjoy my time with people.

This week we had planned to be on vacation, we were going to clean our house. I’m always astounded at timing, we always take this week off and in the past 8 years – 4 years were spent in Las Vegas. Talk about timing – we had decided this year we needed to clean up our house. We have boxes that have been moved several times, we have clothes we have outgrown, we HAD 2nd place Horseshoe Tournament trophies that needed to be cleaned tossed. (It grieved me greatly, that belonged to my Daddy and he died 10 years ago….) So, we had planned to be at home and clean up this week.

Friday at work my boss told me to take my computer home, we were going to telecommute until the end of March because of the Covid-19/Corona Virus. What a great call from my company.

I’ve been following this virus for a while, I had a friend in Hong Kong when the outbreak started and another friend that “knows things” – so I’ve kind of been thinking THIS is a possibility. THIS is here, now.

Ya’ll, the things that bother me are this –

1) People are lonely, especially the elderly – and this will isolate them more. Who is going to take care of them? What can we do? I reached out on the Next Door App and said, “Is there anyone elderly that needs help? Please let me know.” There is more to be done. What are you doing for the elderly in your community?

2) People that are not taking this seriously / People taking this too seriously – It’s hard to determine in which end of the spectrum we are in. Yes, I have been buying food, but yes I will share.

3) Uncertainty – ya’ll no one knows what will happen. If people do take this seriously and work on the #socialdistancing it should prevent the spread of the outbreak.

4) Constructive use of downtime – next week I’ll have 5 extra hours because I will not be commuting, I’d love to spend that time for exercise and meditation. It probably will not happen – but it does sound fantastic. Ya’ll I’ve got friends that are working from home because they have been instructed and have to home school their kids as well. Sounds very demanding. How can I help #myfriends with that?

I plan on making my Facebook videos and finding the joy and kindness in the little things. Hopefully we can encourage each other in the madness.

Be patient. Be kind. We haven’t seen days like this before!


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