12/15 #KindnessReport – Grandma Seeking Family on Craigslist

I was moved by an article about a woman posting on Craigslist seeking a family to be a grandmother to over the Christmas Holidays.

It really tugged at my heartstrings.

After reading up on this – it appears the young man who was moved by this original posting, Carson Carlock, was able to reach out to the lady. The original post had been removed because some people had responded unkindly to her post.

This story has gone viral – and yesterday I wondered, “WHY?”

The article is attached in case you haven’t read it.


How many other people have read this story and were moved?

How many other people feel helpless?

I would encourage you if you were moved by this – and feel helpless to help this lady, there are so many others that you can help.

Call a local rest home in your community and check to see if there are people that don’t get visitors very often.

You could show up with a stocking full of generic goodies – chapstick, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, flashlight, sugar free candy, gloves and socks. Spend some time and visit with them.

Or you could simply reach out and touch their hands and listen to their stories. Your time is what people want the most of these days.

You could reach out to senior citizens in your church or your family.

You could volunteer with Meals on Wheels.

You can do something. You can change the world.

We may not be able to help the Lonely Grandma in Tulsa, but we have an opportunity to help other lonely people.

This story touched me, because I have no children, I have no siblings. One day, I may be an old lady, desperate to be a Grandma for people I’ve never met.

If you would like to brainstorm on this, please reach out to me at DeAnna@MyFriendDeAnna.com

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