12/6 #Kindness Report 2019 Overview

Ya’ll I’ve come to the clear realization that “I am not a blogger.” However this is hope for me – I do want to have a web page that generates kindness in whatever means possible.

Since July 21st, 2019 when my friend encouraged me that MyFriendDeAnna.com needs to exist we’ve been trying to define – what do you really want to do? It’s kind of like people ask a kid, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, at 49 I’ve decided I want to be a KINDNESS GUIDE.

The problem is most people you talk to consider themselves generally kind, and I like to think that is generally true. But I’m also of the belief that kindness needs to be practiced often to others and to ourselves.

There are things I get more excited about than others. Some things touch me heart, spirit and soul and other things just tickle my ears and pique my interest.

This second half of 2019 I’ve been reading with interest what others are doing to be kind.

Just today I read of a young man, Tyler Stallings who decided to raise money to help homeless veterans. He started when he was 4 and half his life later, at 8 half he has raised over $50,000 – and I find that very inspiring! Here’s a link to an article about this wonderful young man.


Today a friend posted on Facebook, “So proud of my babies” and there was a lovely article about Caitlynn Lovelace (one of her former students) that donated $2,000 worth of items for the Ronald McDonald House in Winston Salem, NC.


It’s inspiring to me to see kids do something for their community. They see a need, they aren’t bound by “that won’t work” or business models – they simply DO!

2020 will be my year of “DOING” and reporting the good things I see being DONE. It’s never been my intent to make this page about what I’m giving, because the Bible is clear that giving done in secret will be rewarded (Matthew 6) but sometimes it feels so good to give, you can’t keep it inside and you do inspire others. We can help be kindness cheerleaders, and change the world!

There are 4 things I will be doing in 2020 –

1 – #PopTabChallenge to collect pop tabs from beverages for the Ronald McDonald House in Winston Salem and hopefully getting others involved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojJOJcQgSO0&app=desktop

2 – Collecting plastic bags so “plarn” can be made and given to a friend that makes mats for the homeless community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsTcmFcgonw

3 – Helping make sure my community is well fed. Backpack Beginnings and A Simple Gesture are 2 organizations in my area that do a great job.

4 – Encouraging YOU to BE KIND to YOURSELF! Laugh with me. Dream with me. #MyFriendDeAnna is just a happy, bright corner of the world. Let’s spread smiles and cheer!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule to read my un-blog.


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