Kindness Report 10/4 – #PopTabChallenge is starting a #PopTabChallenge – and you can accept by sending $10 to your local Ronald McDonald House, or trying to get 1,000,000 pop tabs.

This is a lengthy instructional blog – the long and short of it is this:


WHAT – Aluminum Pop Tabs from beverage cans or $10

WHEN – Started October 4th, 2019 – ENDS October 4th, 2020. (One year!)

WHERE – Your Local Ronald McDonald House

WHY – Ronald McDonald House Charities is an awesome community asset. They serve the families of critically ill children.

HOW – Pop tab donations raise money with little cost, just getting them to their location. The blog has good instructions and details.

(Please note, I’m not affiliated with this organization in any way, shape or form, they have just impressed me over the years and made a real difference in the lives of thousands of families .)

If you do this challenge I’d love to see pictures of you and your crew. Please use #PopTabChallenge and #MyFriendDeAnna

Facebook – @myfrienddeanna

Instagram – #MyFriendDeAnna

Twitter – @MyFriendDeAnna1

Last weekend I went by the Ronald McDonald House in Winston-Salem and had a chance to chat with the Weekend Manager, Kaila, about different things going on there and I was intrigued by the Pop Tab Program.

Kaila showed me the collection center for pop tabs (tops off of beverage cans.) The Ronald McDonald House in Winston-Salem raises about $3,000 annually from pop tab donations.

Now that may not sound like much to you – but consider it takes approximately 1 million pop tabs to get $350 – that’s a LOT of pop tabs. (The aluminum price fluctuation makes this hard to estimate)

Let me challenge you – begin saving your pop tabs, and encourage your friends and family to do it and drop off at the Ronald McDonald House closest to you once a month.

If you work with 100 people – let’s say 50 of them drink 1 can of soda/energy drink daily. 350 tabs (7 days 50 tabs) could be saved weekly. Over the course of a year, approximately 18,000 tabs could be saved. If you encourage 56 people you know to do the same thing – POOF you’d have 1,000,000 tabs over a year. (Not to mention some folks drink more than 1 soda a day and may have beverages at home….) Make it easy for people to give you their pop tabs. Get your kids to decorate brown paper bags for pop tabs. It’s work, but you can make it seem fun!!!

THEN (here’s where it gets WILD) – what if you found a few small businesses to be a “POP TAB DROP OFF LOCATION”. Or you could ask local bars if they could participate. Or you could ask a local restaurant to participate. Or you could put a note on NextDoor and find an easy way to meet your neighbors and collect pop tabs. Or a fraternity. Really, the possibilities are endless of what you COULD do to help a great organization.

The Ronald McDonald House has a special place in my heart, one of my dear friends had a preemie and while the baby was in NICU the parents were residents at the Ronald McDonald House. They were able to be close to the hospital, get a shower, eat something, not think about anything except for their baby for a month. It’s an amazing organization that really operates on a well-managed budget.

Link to for Ronald McDonald House Charities. The average cost is $70 a night to house a family – so the 1,000,000 #PopTabChallenge would pay for 5 nights.

What if 10,000 people in each state accepted the #PopTabChallenge ? You’d have 550,000 people in all 50 states with the same goal. (Okay that’s the whole state of Wyoming participating….) In one year, each state could raise $3.5 million dollars (10,000 people trying to get 1 million pop tabs making $350) to help families. Any thing will be a help.

Here’s a great link from the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati about the Pop Tab Fundraising

If you feel like the #PopTabChallenge is not for you (It’s a lot of work) – but you’re inspired to send your local Ronald McDonald House $10, they will use that money to their best ability and many families will benefit.

“Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

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