9/14 Kindness Report – Micro Philanthropy and the Internet

This past week I’ve learned about “micro philanthropy” and I have to say – it’s an amazing concept.  

Now I stumbled on this on Twitter (@MyFriendDeAnna1) this week.  Ya’ll – I was about to give up on Twitter.  It’s nearly impossible for me to limit myself to only a few characters to convey what’s going on in this mind of mine!  BUT something caught my eye, and I realized “there’s something going on.”  I have found my people!!!  People were giving away money, people were sharing Amazon lists for schools, people were vetting and listing Go Fund Me pages.  Now, I’m not a wealthy person, and I’m pretty discerning on what I chose to give to – but you know what – on Friday 9/13 at 5:13pm I gave away $10 for someone to get tacos. 

 [RABBIT TRAIL WARNING – I had eaten lunch at TacoMama in Greensboro NC and had a coupon for $5 off – and thankfully I’m at the point in my life where I can say on a Friday what’s $5 more dollars?  And of course, as I continue to grow my presence on social media – you want to have “followers”  (Instagram is MyFriendDeAnna, Facebook is @MyFriendDeAnna) so they can read and contribute to my blog and follow my shenanigans and hi jinx.  SOOOOOO – I asked people to retweet and follow me.  They did.  I ended up with 7 people entered in the drawing.  More than my Instagram giveaway last month.]  

As people followed me, I was seeing more and more generosity and kindness at the “micro philanthropy” level.  Now ya’ll, be warned – there are always people that will take advantage of you, so DON’T give your bank routing # out to people, and if you DON’T FEEL GOOD contributing to a cause or individual – don’t do it.  You can say “no” (unless you’re doing a giveaway….that would not be kind)   

I posted a couple of links to things that happened locally to share “local philanthropy” and an Amazon list to a local school library.  

If you’re reading this, you may wonder how this Micro Philanthropy works – the concept is basic, a few people combine and contribute to make a bigger gift.  (If you’re on Twitter – @Pulte is one to watch, #TwitterPhilanthropy to get some ideas.)

Right now, I’m thinking of a way to support a local Meals on Wheels for Pets in Davidson County, North Carolina based on an article I ready today: https://myfox8.com/2019/09/13/davidson-county-meals-on-wheels-for-pets-has-critical-need-for-pet-food-donations/ and based on what I’ve learned from my new Twitter friends here’s what I’m going to do:

1 – Start locally there are 2 grocery stores between my house, I’m going to ask them for a bag of dog food.  I may reach out to the pet stores near here and ask for a donation.  

2 – Start small – I alerted my friends in real life, on my private Facebook page “HEY – If I could get 300 friends to donate $10 they would have enough money to meet their yearly budget for food.”  This was just a seed planting idea.  I don’t mind telling them to donate to my PayPal, they know me.  (I will not be using this blog for fund raising – this is to give YOU ideas on how to spread kindness)

3 – Jars for cash – I’m going to tell people at work I’d like to take up change and donations for one week to raise money and food for this organization.  If people want to give, they will – if not, no harm no foul, nothing personal – everyone has something going on.  

4 – Money isn’t everything – if this is talked about, someone may want to volunteer and help out this organization.  One of my motto’s is:  Telephone – Television – Tele-DeAnna

5 – Ask for coupons – Several girls at work coupon and several don’t have pets.  So I could ask them for coupons so money donated will go further.  

The worst thing that will happen if my effort to help the Meals on Wheels for Pets in Davidson County, NC  is they will get a small donation.  The best thing is we’re able to raise the money and donations to help them for the next year!! 


Good luck and best wishes as you start small and build from there.  Find your cause and run with it.  Let me know what you’ve got in the works, email me at – DeAnna@MyFriendDeAnna.com

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