9/12 Kindness Report – Up and Down the East Coast USA

(I promised I wouldn’t share names but these 2 stories were too awesome to not share)

I’ve had this excellent Kindness Report brewing for a few days I was privy to watch it unfold in front of my very eyes.  

A group chat with 2 wonderful  friends and me started like this:

Friend 1 “I  know it’s kind of late in the season for this but I have a brand new air condition system.  Nicer than a typical window unit—just uses the window to vent.  Cools a significant space.  Do you know anyone who could use this?  Free to someone in need.  I will have it delivered.  Just let me know.”

What a generous offer!!!  Of course I couldn’t think of anyone but “Friend 2” knew someone right away and connected the “Friend 1” to someone who has a genuine need for an AC.  

That just thrilled me to the core.  BUT THEN “Friend 2” told me and “Friend 1” THIS STORY.  

“Friend 2” knew of a family that lost their daughter in childbirth, and the baby didn’t make it either. 

“She and the baby were cremated. Each week when I went to visit  I saw the remains sitting on the kitchen table in a cardboard box with their names labeled on there. I felt so sad that their remains were in a simple cardboard box. I asked  if I could help them 

I could help them purchase and urn. They both broke down in tears and were so grateful for the help to give their daughter and granddaughter a dignified place for their remains. I asked them to look online and choose any urn they felt would be a  great memory to them. It took them several weeks to make a choice then he called me to say they made a decision. I ordered it immediately and on my next visit there it was… a beautiful urn for their remains.  They were so thankful and grateful someone would offer something to them. I am not sharing this to toot my own horn but to simply share that sometimes the things we may take for granted may mean the world to someone else.”

So ya’ll there are a few takeaways – 

  1. Friend 1 and Friend 2 are awesome, they’ve been in my life for 40 years and I love them both dearly.  I’m so thankful to have “friends like that”
  2. How much do we take for granted?  Are you hanging on to something someone else may really need?
  3. Are there people in your life that have a need? If you have an elderly relative they may be thrilled with a visit and a milk shake!  
  4. What other good things are happening?  I believe when you do something good, you don’t have to tell it, but I believe in sharing wonderful things like this help others look for opportunities to spread kindness.  There’s a balance.
  5. Enough lessons from your #KernersvilleKindnessCoach ya’ll go and do something good.  Or find like minded friends to help change the world  Things go better with a friend!  (Tell me about it at DeAnna@MyFriendDeAnna.com) I love to share “kind” stories.

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