Kindness Report – Greensboro, NC 9/10

This morning a friend came running in my office, she said, “DeAnna I have to tell you about some kindness that happened to me last night.”  Of course I was very interested and I listened.

Last night she was leaving work downtown Greensboro and at the corner of Cone Blvd and Yanceyville Street (Greensboro, NC).  This happened 5pm-ish – 9/10.  A young lady had a broken down car and it was holding traffic up for a bit.  My friend was merging and another car got really annoyed, he was motioning and raising his hands and she was too.  

I’m looking confused as she tells this story, she’s said, “Let me get to the good part.”

Well they calmed down, they drove past the lady with the broken vehicle.  At the next stop light he pulled up beside my friend.  She looked at him, he had handwritten a sign that said, “I’M SORRY.”  (He realized there was a lady in distress with the broken down car and my friend truly wasn’t a bad driver). She gave him a thumbs up, she smiled and they parted ways.  

I looked at her and started to get tears in my eyes.  Not like a full on cry, but a “how sweet, it touched my heart” kind of tears.  

Ya’ll my friend was sharing kindness and concern for a lady in distress, and all she knew is this man was overreacting to something he couldn’t see fully. All this man knows is, he was ready to get home – and then, he saw what was happening and was able to say, “I’m sorry.”  

How often do we do this in our own live?  We react to something and don’t know the full story.  We react and then regret. 

I applaud this young man for saying, “I’m sorry.”  ( I’m also quite impressed that he had a pen and paper in his vehicle!!)

Let’s take time to be kind, let’s take time to not react harshly.  Let’s give a thumbs up for an apology if someone does act too fast.  If we’re wrong, just say, “I’m sorry.” He touched my life with this simple gesture.

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