Guilford Education Alliance

Today (9/3/19) I had the pleasure of having lunch with Louise Courts and Karen Hornfeck. They work at Guilford Education Alliance in Greensboro, NC.

It was such a blast having lunch with a couple of ladies who work in a non-profit. They were very encouraging towards my effort to “spread kindness”. They also told me about how the Guilford Education Alliance was started. In 2002 the seed was planted based on the McKinsey study that said the community needed to support the schools. In stepped Margaret Arbuckle and she worked as an advocate for children, and their families in Guilford County public education by helping the GEA grow.

Nowadays the GEA serves over 1,500 teachers monthly. Teachers come in and they are able to get supplies for their classrooms and their kids. There is a great article about what they do. Click here for the WFDD article.

The past couple of months I added a fund raiser and a donation box in my office and people really contributed. School supplies are “for cheap” these days as school begins, but the school year goes until next June.

My motive is kindness. It’s not about “what DeAnna did”, it’s what about YOU can do. When I told the girls in my workplace “I want school supplies for my birthday gifts”. They were happy to accommodate, I had other friends that donated directly to GEA, I had other work friends that cleaned out old supply closets and donate goods. As I told Louise and Karen, “the worst thing that could happen is ya’ll would get a few supplies, but my friends showed up and it was the best thing.”

Anyone that’s reading this, I encourage you to remember, when you serve others, when you’re kind to others, it’s not about perfection, it’s about connection.

It may not be about having fun raising funds, making videos, coordinating school supply drives. But you have to find THE THING that motivates you to serve, share, give, spark your joy and motivate kindness in the world around you.

What’s it going to be? What do you want to do to change the world around you? Are you set up to start?

Worst case, you make new friends. Best case, you make new friends that want to change the world!

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