Disney World’s Snow White

Today I was reading an article about a young with autism at Disney World.

Lauren Bergner and her family spent 10 days in Disney World. Her youngest son has autism and he’s non-verbal, at 6 years old.

The best thing about Disney is they have a disability access line so there are shorter waits. But this little fella’ was simply tired as he waited to see Snow White. (If you’ve been to a theme park, you know #ThemeParkTired is a real thing.)

When he got to meet his princess, he “took to her” (That’s southern for, “they got along really well at first meeting”.) The article I read said his Mama was concerned, because he doesn’t usually go with strangers, but Snow White said, “Let’s go for a walk” and they walked!!!

Now ya’ll don’t know me, but I’m BIG on customer service. Actually, I work in Customer Service so it’s amazing to see the levels of service Disney equipped their employees with in working with customers of varying needs.

So Snow White took her time with young Brody, the lines were long, but even the other visitors could see the connection between Brody and Snow White, and they were also in awe and clapped, they took pictures.

Friends, when you see a moment, it’s important to take it all in and let it happen. I’m sure there were people in that line, tired of waiting, ready to go, hurry it up – but if you go to a magical place, you have to give time to let the magic happen. Sometimes you may be in the need for something special to happen, and when that moment happens, you don’t want it rushed – you want to soak it in. Disney equipped the employee to take her time and let the magic happen. They also came back to their hotel and found an autographed picture from Snow White and a Snow White pin.

“Making magic for all of our guests is what makes a Disney vacation so special. Snow White was so happy to bond with Brody in a heartfelt way and be able to share this moment with him and his family.” (link to Elise Sole 8/29/19 article attached here)

One of my best friends and I were discussing this moment and she said, “Disney World truly is magical.” and after reading this, I see how important that is to their customers to have the experience of a lifetime.

Disney, if you read this, “GREAT WORK” in #MakingKINDNESSLoud in a very soft and magical way. Thank you for teaching your employees the values. As a “kindness coach” teaching people the value of kindness and how to spot it, it’s alive and well and quite magical!

Your friend,


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