David Tepper – Act of Kindness from the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers had a post this morning (8/31) on Instagram “Man of the people! Dave Tepper and his foundation give away 1 5,000 backpacks filled with supplies across the Carolinas.

Now ya’ll, I didn’t know know who David Tepper was, so I did some research, apparently he’s the owner of the Carolina Panthers. (My sports knowledge is fairly limited.) Click on his name and it will link to the article about him that I read, and he sounds like an overall decent guy.

One thing the article said was, “Tepper talks about the Panthers as a “great platform” for his philanthropy, quoting Spider-Man’s edict “With great power comes great responsibility.” He means both giving away money and leveraging the Panthers for economic growth.” (And I love Stan Lee, but, I’m a Sunday School teacher so I could tell you the same sentiment came from Luke 12:48 first)

There are some people and organizations and they can quantify kindness by giving. It’s awesome that 15,000 students have their own backpacks and it took a lot of work to coordinate this event for the Carolina Panthers. Great job!!!

I’m not sure what has led you to my corner of the world, but I want to encourage YOU based on the good things going on in the world and that YOU can help #MakeKINDNESSLoud . As long as there are people out there that need help, YOU also have a great platform.

We may not find ourselves with the means to make a big difference. We may not have the money to make more than 1 back pack, you may have nothing but time, but you find yourself wanting to do SOMETHING to help others. Nothing is wasted in the way of kindness and generosity. If every person one day did one kind thing, what a different world we would live in.

If you find yourself inspired by any of these stories and not knowing where to start, I’d encourage you to get in touch with your local United Way. My best friend is retired and she has time to give and our local United Way was able to point her in a direction to help.

This week I was on a committee at work (Customer Service Week next month!) and I said, “People want to do something, there are 85 people, if everyone does something small, it can have a HUGE impact.” So we’re putting donation boxes up for BackPack Beginnings and we will be collecting goods for a week to support them and also a local animal shelter. The worst case scenario we have a few things, the best case, we have to ask them to come by and pick up the supplies. This has always been my thought process, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if I’m trying to help do a little good in the world?”

So I challenge you to find a way to make a difference for better. If you dream of making 15,000 backpacks next year for your community, do it! If you want to pay off lunch debt for a local school next year save $1 a week for the next year and put $52 on a school’s bill. If you would like to volunteer to help a school in need, do it! If you want to buy breakfast for the person behind you, do it! Remember, in kindness and generosity nothing is wasted.

Be encouraged to find ways to spread kindness!!!!

Your friend,


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