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In 2003 my Dad was very ill with sepsis. Mama and I stayed at the hospital as much as we could, one day a wonderful couple from their church invited Mama and I to eat dinner. We needed to eat. My Mama insisted we get the check and not let them pay for our meal. WELL, we almost fought with Robert and Evelyn over our check. Robert touched my hand and said, “Let us do something for your sweet Mama and you. One day you will do something for someone and think of us.”

Daddy pulled through that illness, but in 2010 he took a turn and entered Hospice care. I was working out of the country, but we were able to talk daily. One day I said, “Daddy do you have any regrets?” He laughed, he said, “I had a lot of regrets, but I never regretted any money I spent on travel and I never regretted giving money away to help other people.” He died shortly after that conversation, but it stuck in my head.

I began traveling more, this year(2019) I met my goal of having visiting all 50 states in the USA. He would have been proud.

Also, in 2014 I joined a church (Hillcrest Baptist Church in Kernersville, NC) and they had a Hospice Ministry. Once a month we go to Hospice and take a meal for the family members, the staff and sometimes patients. The team I work with goes to Winston Salem, Kate B Reynolds Hospice House. In the past few years we’ve modified our menu but we take a main meal, sides, a salad and 3 desserts. Every time I do this, I think of Robert and Evelyn. They have both passed on, but their love continues to spread.

Now I don’t tell you what “I do to make the world better” I think it’s important to be humble about your giving, quiet about your good deeds in most cases – but I believe we live in times that we need to do our very best to work on being kind.

Forgive me, as I’m just starting out with blogging, Twitter (MyFriendDeAnna1) YouTube(MyFriendDeAnna Hay), Instagram (MyFriendDeAnna), Facebook (@MyFriendDeAnna) I know a lot about….but building a #NiceNiche is like finding friends.

Below is a response I wrote regarding a post that got political too quickly, and if my response resonates with you – find me somewhere and let’s try and change the world.

Thank you so much for reading!!!!


As I close out the day, and read the posts I’m just so thankful this meme conveyed what I wanted it to. #NOT

Y’all, there is much work to be done, and I am thankful who I am and what I’m about is not represented by a political party.

I’m thankful for parents that wanted me to be a contributing member of society and that it was important to be open minded. I’m thankful they taught me to ask questions when I may not understand something completely.

As friends go, I like to think I’m pretty loyal – I’d put myself in front of your children (anyone on this post) if it came between their life and mine and if I had a moment to react.

I don’t hold folks accountable for stupid decisions and choices, because I’ve made so many of my own – how can I keep up with someone else’s?

I’m respectful, and I have lived as an immigrant in a foreign country – so I know what it’s like to be a minority, to not know the language, to stand out a little bit. I love people – and if they are different from me, it gives me great pleasure to learn their culture. I try to be open and color-blind. Everyone I meet knows something I do not and that is something to be cherished.

While my religion is very important to me, I don’t demand folks to follow my rules. Christianity is based on a relationship… and if you aren’t a Christian…well it’s hard to explain. The Bible says it would seem silly to someone who doesn’t believe.

When you think about me, I hope you don’t ever wonder “how did she vote?” But you would know, “she’d have my back, no matter what!” I hope you think, “she loved and she served with joy and she made me laugh and she tried in her own unique way to make the world better.”

Now you tell me which party can offer that? Sign me up. As my Bigfoot says, “you’ve got a liberal heart and a conservative head.”

I think the Democratic Party is falling apart. I think the Republican Party got surprised and hijacked. Overall the centrist in me thinks some things Trump has implemented have not been bad. He’s done a lot of what he said he would. Yeah, he’s a boor, he’s rude, he’s disrespectful – he’s like a doctor with a horrible bedside manner. Obama was a smooth talker but he couldn’t get things done and I dare say had he been white, things would have been different. That makes me sad because I honestly thought when I was young race wouldn’t be a thing. But after 9/11 our country developed a severe case of distrust and division that continues to tear us apart.

One thing I do love is the friendship between the Obama and Bush family. It speaks volumes to me, there is hope. You gotta dig deep sometimes to find that one piece of commonality – and build on that.

Soooo….. just a thanks again for those that contributed with meaningful and thoughtful dialogue. I don’t like the broad generalizations and there was a lot of that too…we won’t accomplish anything that way. Nothing but more division and inclusion.

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