Welcome to MyFriendDeAnna.com

This blog was started in August, 2019.

My friend Tara and I were discussing why I’m not “out there” on social media. UGH that’s kind of scary. “Out there” you’re vulnerable. You’re putting yourself out there – for what? So people can make fun of you? Make fun of your vision? Make fun of your dreams? THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR PEOPLE!

Why do this? After much thought and deliberation, a lot of prayer and discussion a group of people I talked to said, “DeAnna, you’re really nice.” While I’m reading about finding “a niche” the #NiceNiche was born.

This website, my social media sites are being built to connect with people – I want you to feel comfortable here. I’m doing what most folks my age are – trying to maintain my health, trying to be a decent person, trying to face my fears, trying to be a good wife, daughter, employee and trying to have fun! I’m open and honest. I’m not always comfortable, but I own myself and I’m content. If you follow me, you’ll see me “warts and all”. You’ll also see me trying to bring light to kindness and CONNECTION. It has nothing to do with perfection. This is just me, sharing with you and I’m kind of curious as to what will happen next myself. 🙂

  • Share with me anything in your community going on – this is NOT about “what DeAnna does” (I will tell you about #Hospice because this is a community outreach I would love to see around the world)
  • Please feel free to contact me -I may be slow to answer, and to be honest I’ve seen some creepy characters on Instagram…
  • Normal life will slip into the blogs, cooking, concern, etc – I’m human, and I’m just welcoming you to my corner of the world
  • Tell me about you – I have lived in North Carolina and Panama City, Panama. But I love learning about different parts of the world.

Thank you for reading this far! Thank you for being patient with me! I’m not a professional, but no one is when they first start out are they?

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